Boat Week, Baby!

Two weeks ago, we received AMAZING news from Wicked Diving: there was a live-aboard boat available to take our kids out on the water! Last Tuesday and Wednesday, we joined 100 students on that boat (50 per day) for two days of snorkeling, deck-jumping, fried rice-eating, and MAJOR Earthraging fun. After sailing out of Thap […]

Year Three Is Underway!

Earthraging 2017: We’re back! “First, blow bubbles in the water. Then float on your back. Then kick with your legs. Both legs should be straight!” – Lena says to the students waiting patiently in the school atrium. Lena is the community director of Wicked Diving—the local dive shop that supports the Earthraging program. Everyone, teachers and […]

Fish Days Are Over: Counting Down to Earthraging 2017

The entire month of Earthraging is over! It whizzed by so fast that before we knew it our last snorkel trip was behind us, and, judging by the swarms of lingering students outside the ESL office every day, it seems like we weren’t the only ones that felt this way! Students constantly stop us on […]

Be Right Back–Gone Snorkelin’ (Week #4)

This was it! The culmination of numerous weeks of hard work both in and out of the water: the long-awaited Earthraging snorkeling trip! Ever since the school year started last spring, students have been coming by the ESL office to ask us when the snorkel trip would happen again. During this month of Earthraging, students […]

Splashin’ Around the Pool: Earthraging’s Latest Addition!

Week #3 of Earthraging included new and exciting additions to the program–swimming pool time and environmental education sessions! Though last year’s program did not have a pool component, we were able to expand the program this year and dedicate an entire week to teaching snorkeling skills and running workshops to promote ocean awareness and action. […]

Back to the Beach! (Week #2)

With the second week of Earthraging coming to a close, we could not have had a more instructive, immersive, and inspirational four days! Over the span of eight beach sessions, Earthraging with English has taught over 200 students to swim, collected over 50 bags of miscellaneous junk and jetsam, and provided more than 15 hours […]

What a first week back from break! The hustle and bustle of students and teachers returning to R35 marked the start of the second semester, but more importantly also the start of the Earthraging with English program this year! Throughout the week, Earthraging with English took place across four beach sessions; a morning 8:30-11:00session, and an afternoon […]

Earthraging is Around the Corner!

With the 2016 Earthraging season just around the corner, the PiA fellows could not be more excited to get in the water with the R35 students! The three of us are currently spread thin across three different countries as we embark on our respective visa runs and travels before the start of the second semester, […]

Wicked Good Help

Throughout the past month, Wicked Diving has provided nothing but wonderful, professional support. Considering that most dive shops around the world operate on a precarious edge of stress, overworked staff, and the many unknowns of diving—needy customers, bad weather, transportation and equipment logistics—Wicked Diving in Khao Lak laudably adds community outreach to their workload. Keith […]

Trying Something NEW

Anyone who’s ever been snorkeling in open water knows that it can be thrilling and peaceful, beautiful and otherworldly, but that it can also be flat out terrifying. It’s not innate for most people to be comfortable in open water, especially when you can’t stand, let alone see the bottom. We commend our students’ bravery […]