Year Three Is Underway!

Earthraging 2017: We’re back!

“First, blow bubbles in the water. Then float on your back. Then kick with your legs. Both legs should be straight!” – Lena says to the students waiting patiently in the school atrium. Lena is the community director of Wicked Diving—the local dive shop that supports the Earthraging program.

Everyone, teachers and students, are in swim gear and ready to load in the school truck, which means we’re one step closer to getting in the water. We can hardly wait!

Unlike three years ago, the kids are not shy to ask, “Teacher, go swimming?” They’re all eager. From second graders to seniors in high school, this year we’re taking out every grade into the Andaman Sea—the school’s backyard.

The majority of kids now have already been in the water from a previous Earthraging swim lesson, or they already knew how to swim. This is also in stark contrast to three years ago when hardly any of the students had ever been in the water before—even thought the school sits on a hill just 800-meters from a pristine beach.

Earthraging co-founder Haley and I are back to help with a few sessions, as are former Princeton in Asia (PIA) teachers Libby and Kyle, but on the whole, Earthraging is completely run by the new Princeton in Asia teachers, Natalie and Ben, ESL director Khun Lak, and Wicked Diving’s Lena and Dive Master Tong. To say Haley and I are proud is quite an understatement.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

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