Trying Something NEW


Anyone who’s ever been snorkeling in open water knows that it can be thrilling and peaceful, beautiful and otherworldly, but that it can also be flat out terrifying. It’s not innate for most people to be comfortable in open water, especially when you can’t stand, let alone see the bottom.


We commend our students’ bravery and gumption for trying something new while participating in the snorkel day trips. It’s a privilege and honor to be selected (less than 25% who go to a beach swim session are selected for a snorkel trip), but that doesn’t make it any less nerve-wracking. Of course, open water doesn’t faze the excellent swimmers, who dive in without life jackets and freedive immediately. But some students who know they are capable swimmers scramble for life vests upon leaving the beach’s comfort. No casual wading out on the reef! But after ten minutes of snorkeling, the confident swimmers throw their life vests overboard the longtail and freedive soon after. And for many students, life jackets are worn the whole time snorkeling. This doesn’t discount their experience—it merely represents the full range of students’ skills. We cannot wait to see the life vest-wearing students in future years, as we’re confident the more the students get out there, the more comfortable they’ll be, allowing them to experience even more of the marine world.



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