Student Spotlight: Bua

Bua Leads Teacher Haley to the Sea


BUA: outgoing, competitive, rambunctious and smart.

A Patom 1 student (1st grader), she excelled during her swim session. She doesn’t live at the school, but with her family on a nearby side street. When she arrived the morning of her session in her school uniform, without her swim clothes, worry set in that she’d be not allowed to go—but today was her day! We lent her the tiniest of tiny wetsuits (donated from Denver Divers) and she was unstoppable from there on out.

Surf and salt water were minor obstacles for Bua (unlike for most of her peers).

Flutter kicking, running through waves and smiling were among her diverse fortes.

Twirling like an athletic sea nymph around instructors, she taunted us with splashes and pleas to go back in the ocean.

Bua is too young to take out snorkeling, but it’s clear she’s an aquatic force to be reckoned with a bright future ahead. Three splashes for Bua!


The Bua Kick!

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