Trying Something NEW

Anyone who’s ever been snorkeling in open water knows that it can be thrilling and peaceful, beautiful and otherworldly, but that it can also be flat out terrifying. It’s not innate for most people to be comfortable in open water, especially when you can’t stand, let alone see the bottom. We commend our students’ bravery […]

Snorkel Me Crazy!

A group of 20 exemplary students leave school after morning assembly, riding the school truck 45 minutes south to Thap Lamu Pier, where liveaboards mix with junk fishing vessels and million-baht speedboats dock alongside classic Thai longtail boats, including the one we take. Once on the water, en route to the reef, students suck in […]

Student Spotlight: Bua

  BUA: outgoing, competitive, rambunctious and smart. A Patom 1 student (1st grader), she excelled during her swim session. She doesn’t live at the school, but with her family on a nearby side street. When she arrived the morning of her session in her school uniform, without her swim clothes, worry set in that she’d […]

Swim Session Facts

  In just two weeks, 330 students have completed a swim beach session. But what does this mean? It means… The students showed interest in swimming and snorkeling and signed up to participate. The students, whatever age, can write their English nickname. For the younger students, this is immensely important because they are learning the […]

Water Innovation

Have you heard of the sponge bucket game? We never had either. Oh the entertainment it provides! The game is a relay: two teams, two empty buckets, two sponges. One water source (in our case, a freshwater inlet 20 meters from the sea) and limitless opportunity for innovation. As more and more grades participate, we’re […]

Week One Off to a Big Splash

Three swim sessions down—over 100 students have swum at Bangsak beach! Quick Thai education system lesson: grades in Thailand are divided into two parts, loosely translated as primary and secondary grades, called Patom and Matthayom. So when Thai classes are described as P1, that means 1st grade in the American school system. Patom stops at […]

Program is live & students are ready!

We’ve been in Thailand for a a few days now, arriving just before the students returned from their mid-semester break. Wicked diving is busy as ever (the high season for tourists is just beginning), but they couldn’t be more excited and helpful with planning the program. Lak, the ESL coordinator at the school, is translating […]